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About Norsag

Norsag is a South African company, located in Cape Town. We are distributors of products for the building, agricultural and horticultural sector, with products and services including:

  • Horticultural – Superior propagation and growing mediums (healthier plants using less water) - Leca and Norsag Growing Medium
  • Landscaping - Amelioration of poor soil quality - Leca and Norsag Growing Medium
  • Agriculture - Quality crop yield using less water - Leca and Norsag Growing Medium
  • Natural Resources - Restoration of water and air quality through natural filtration systems - Leca


Environmental awareness

  • Both energy and water resources are being put under pressure due to urbanization and South Africa’s move towards a diversified First World Economy.
  • Energy costs are rising and available water resources are falling.
  • National, provincial and local governments as well as the private sector has been mandated to address water saving programmes and to promote sustainable and responsible use of our limited resources.
  • The same principles apply to Energy saving and responsible use of available power.

Norsag helps address all these issues. Firstly through reductions in water usage, secondly through our contribution in filtration and lastly through our energy saving building components.

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